Maritime Control

In today’s Offshore Market, Companies are looking for cost savings to compete in the Offshore Sector. With 1300 vessels in layup at this present time and the expected delivery of approx. 500 vessels this year, over capacity and the slump in the oil price will impact a Company’s revenue for the long term foreseeable future. With banks and venture capital funding decreasing the future for many Companies will be reliant on mergers/acquisitions or finding a smart solution to reducing costs. Therefore, especially in cases where Companies are operating with high overheads it would make sense to investigate the possibility of reducing costs, by outsourcing the full Technical Management of a certain amount of vessels. This would leave

Who We Are

We represent the Ex- Staff of Siem Offshore office in Poland who were for the last 3 years employed managing PSVs, OSVs, OCVs, FSVs, and CLVs on behalf of Siem Offshore Norway.
Poland office had its own DOC issued by DNVGL on behalf of Flag Administrations and ISO 9001/14001 certification issued by BV.
The office of 12 staff had the capacity of managing fully 12 vessels, to a high standard with regard to KPIs and OPEX control, leading to excellent feedback on customer satisfaction from the Oil Majors. This included the services of; HSEQ/Crewing/Technical/Purchasing and Accounting services.
Familiar areas of operation included; Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Gabon, EG, Angola, North Sea, Argentina, and the offshore wind farm areas of Germany, Holland, Sweden, and the UK.



The overhead costs in Poland are minimal compared to the Scandinavian and the EU countries, which offers the opportunity for a cost efficient start up and long term operation. As an indication the costs of the management fees of the different offshore vessels types would be;
PSVs - 130,000 USD per annum
OSVs - 150,000 USD per annum
OCVs - 170,000 USD per annum
With reference to the above costs in contrast to existing ship managers, these are realistic and as in some cases with present ship managers no hidden costs are to be expected.


What We Do

Management of various types of vessels including off-shore, dry cargo, bulk carriers, oil/product tankers, ro-ro, seismic, passenger can be provided including but not limited to:

  • Full Ship Management (main or branch office) including technical and crew management
  • Marine Consultancy and Superintendence including ships conversions, dry-docking and repair supervision (complete projects including documentations, specifications, class/flag approvals, yard tendering/ cost controlling)
  • ISM/ISPS/MLC/ISO internal/external audits including preparation and revision of management system manuals/procedures
  • Vetting/IMCA pre-inspections to ensure high operational standards and that vessels will be approved by most demanding Clients
  • New build projects designs and supervision
  • DP systems audits and analyses including 3rd party FMEA annual and renewal trials, ERN/ESKI number upgrade, DP documentation control
  • General mechanical and electrical services


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